Why Change Together; To get there?

Change Together; To get there consists of three key elements:

  • Change
    Changing on the basis of a vision. Why are we doing this? Why do we want this? Simple questions that, strangely enough, people often forget to ask.

    Changing is a shared process. Do you want to be part of the process? Do you want to contribute to this change?

  • Together
    Arriving at a solution, together. Together devising a plan to reach the stated goal, with a clear vision in mind.

    Making effective changes, together. Working together is far more effective if both parties are prepared to reach a middle ground. Understanding and appreciating the other person's preferred mode of behaviour is the starting point. Then, once you are able to anticipate how they will react, you can take this into account and adjust your own behaviour accordingly.

  • To get there
    Of course, the result is what matters. The elements outlined above are what I believe are needed to achieve a great result together. A result that you will be able to sustain.

    The name says it all:
    Change Together; To get there !