• The Change Together Philosophy

    Based on a vision, arriving together at a shared solution. It seems so simple, yet in practice it is rarely so straightforward. It is crucial to create support for the process in order to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

    This is a brief interpretation of the Schoonhoven® Rechtsom Model. This model forms the basis for my method of working. To give you an idea of the theory, the Schoonhoven Rechtsom model is outlined below.

    For a more detailed explanation, go to rechtsom.nl or feel free to contact me.

    For this Rechtsom method to work, you - the people involved - have to understand one another. You have to be prepared to fathom out what lies behind the other person’s behaviour and his or her reaction to you. Understanding behaviour and being able to put it into perspective can be learned in a simple, but effective way using models such as Lumina Spark or InSights Discovery. These models are based on the philosophy of Carl Jung (Lumina and InSights) and The Big Five (Lumina)

  • Who is Steven Bams?

    Over the past 10 years I have built up experience in the HR field, both nationally and internationally. Within a sales and marketing organization I have set up, developed, implemented and streamlined a range of different programmes. Please see my portfolio for examples of my work.

    As well as having a P&O training and a Master of Arts in Managing Human Resources, I am also accredited for the use of Lumina Spark and InSights Discovery. My Lumina Spark profile mentions the following characteristics:

    After 10 years, the time was right to start my own business. The 'Rechtsom' philosophy was the key motivation for me to take this step.