What are the areas where Change Together is active?

The core business of Change Together is helping people change, with the focus on changing behaviour. There are several different levels where this can play a role:

  • Individual
    In individual processes, coaching may be needed on a specific aspect of behaviour. Coaching can also be used in leadership programmes .

    Possible instruments:

    • Lumina Spark / Lumina Leader
    • InSights Discovery
  • Team
    Coaching can be an important team-building tool in team contexts. It is also possible to work on specific issues, such as giving and receiving feedback, making use of the diversity within teams, or team leadership.

    Possible instruments:

    • Lumina Spark / Lumina Team / Lumina Leader
    • InSights Discovery / Teamwheel
  • Organization and co-participation
    Leadership programmes can be initiated for organizations that are specifically designed to stimulate a desired change , such as a change of culture within the organization.

    A further option is to implement a new form of co-participation: Rechtsom co-participation.

In the course of changing behaviour - through a process of trial and error - a new routine emerges. Occasionally reverting to 'old' habits is part of the learning process. This tendency is something everyone involved in the process needs to be aware of. This awareness is the starting point for progressing further with the new behaviour.